Game story


The game is a fantasy that spans real life to hundreds of years in the future. The main character is a boy (IRON - from 1 in 8 races) who grew up in the war and joins the air force to protect his homeland. Most of his life is spent in spaceships. He rarely returns to earth, except for visits to do his duty.
From then, the IRON starts his journey exploring the galaxy, the vast universe. Beside him are friends who are his support in this journey. In this endless journey, he has encountered many interesting things in space.
From having to fight to protect yourself and the loot to doing your own journey quests.
From receiving many strange signals, sounds, languages, light waves, magnetic fields in the universe, to completely new sensations in every moment he contemplates.
The game has 6 seasons:
  • AURORA - First light seasons
  • LUNA - First step seasons.
  • SOLAR - Origin seasons.
  • STARS Discovery seasons.
  • GALAXY Infinity seasons.
  • UNIVERSE Metaverse seasons.