Details of the token and allocation thereof

The ISKY token (https://cardanoscan.io/tokenPolicy/bc8cf381653448b3fb3bf2be4b49082033a078743ebe7ba2daee8a45) (is a native token on Cardano for this project).

The main usage of this token:

Transaction fees for buying and selling of the character NFT assets using a decentralized network.

Governance of the protocol


Minting unique NFT’s







Provide additional social and economic incentives to promote the economy in the game.

Community (Private + Public) Sales

The private sales will be a channel to reserve some tokens for mid/large cap investors who would like a direct channel to acquire the tokens at a presumed fixed valuation corresponding to an early sale.

Initial Stake Pool Offerings (ISPO)

ISPO is the fairest way to democratize participation in initial token distribution and allows a proportionate distribution of value across all segments of investors. A fixed number of tokens will be allocated for this channel of value distribution.

Team Rewards

This is a natural extension of reward distribution to the employees and advisors of IRONSKY who will have a stake in the development and progress of the company they are working for, and participate in the development of this protocol. The exact distribution and split will be determined later and published here.

Marketing Ops

For partnership with DEX's, for interoperability, this budget will help in growing the platform and ecosystem.

Token Schedule and Allocation

The tokens will be released in phases so that the token distribution is more uniform and spread across different phases of the project. It also allows investor participation at a later stage.

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